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About Cash 4 Ground Rents

Have you inherited a freehold ground rent? Perhaps you have developed properties sold off on long leases and held on to the freehold? Maybe you, or your clients, have acquired freehold ground rents and are looking to cash in on your investments?

If you are considering selling, then look no further. You have found the website of the leading Freehold Ground Rent buyers in the country. We can provide you with the best deal at the best price for you. We welcome enquiries from anyone considering selling, whether you have a large portfolio or development, a small house conversion or even short or long leases then get in touch with Cash4GroundRents.

We are not an agency or broker, we are the leading buyer of Ground Rents in the UK with a track record of Ground Rent acquisitions dating back 30 years. Ground Rents are our business, we understand the market and the extensive legislation that applies to leasehold properties. We understand that owning residential Freeholds carries the labour intensive burden of collecting small sums of ground rent and the management of common parts. We want to reward your enquiry with cash for your Freehold Ground Rents.

Did you know that under Section 5 of the Landlord and Tenant act 1987, lessees have The Right of First Refusal prior to sale to a Third Party which has to be served to the tenants prior to sale. If you consider sale by auction then a waiting notice period of 4 months is required. Additionally you will need to wait even longer for the auction day to come around and when it does there is no guarantee that the Freehold will sell. If it does it may not achieve the price you were hoping for, however if it does, there is a further waiting period of 28 days before completion. Altogether this means you may not receive any money for 6-7 months. However a private treaty sale with us places control entirely in your hands.

Lessees are only given a notice period of 2 months in which they can elect to purchase the Freehold. Lessees can only purchase the Freehold at the price you have agreed with us Cash4GroundRents, therefore either way you can achieve the price you are looking for making this is the swiftest method of disposal.

We are happy to provide you with guidance on the legislative requirements of the sale process and hope you find our website helpful.

We look forward to giving you Cash for your Freehold Ground Rents.