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  • David, Property developer Manchester

    “Cash4GroundRents unlocked the capital I need to make the most of my development opportunities. As an added bonus I no longer have to deal with the complicated administration of ground rents.”

  • Jane, Inherited ground rents London

    “I was delighted to be remembered in the will, but confused about what to do next. Cash4GroundRents helped me every step of the way to turn my inheritance into cash.”

  • John, Ground rent investor Bristol

    “Cash4GroundRents has become a way for me to make extra cash from my property developments, which I can then re-invest into something more profitable for me.”



Developing a new property or block of properties can be a logistical nightmare. If you are a property developer and want to ease the burden a little, why not do exactly that and free up some capital at the same time by selling your ground rent portfolios?

AT CASH4GROUNDRENTS, WE UNDERSTAND THE LOGISTICS BEHIND MANAGING A GROUND RENT PORTFOLIO.We are ground rent investors who don’t have to rely on funding from other financial institutions to purchase ground rent portfolios. An established name in the business, we are looking to buy ground rent portfolios on both individual properties and developments, freeing you up to concentrate on more important matters.

DEVELOPERS CAN MAXIMISE THEIR PRICES ON PROPERTIES BY CONTACTING US AT THE PLANNING STAGE.If you want to avoid serving Section 5 notices, you can do this easily by exchanging contracts on your freehold developments before you start the building project, and delay completion of the freehold until after the sale of your last flat. Cash4GroundRents can help every step of the way.

GET INSTANT CAPITAL, BOOST YOUR RETURNS, MAXIMISE EFFICIENCY AND AVOID ALL THAT EXTRA PAPERWORK!The law concerning the sale of ground rents has recently changed, requiring landlords and ground rent holders to offer first refusal to leaseholders. However, for property developers, there is the option of selling the ground rents before the properties are completed. For expert advice, Cash4GroundRents can take you through the process step by step.

SELLING GROUND RENTS MAKES GOOD ECONOMIC SENSE.Coping with the administration of multiple occupancy residences can become time consuming and expensive. The pragmatic thing to do is give that particular logistical headache to a company which specialises in managing ground rent portfolios. In addition, the cost of running a ground rent portfolio may actually reduce the profit on a collection of individual ground rents unless you are a specialist investor.

For property developers, ground rents are usually low on the list of priorities, so why not utilise the services of a specialist company like Cash4GroundRents?

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How much is your ground rent portfolio worth? Not just in monetary values, but in how much time it takes to manage, the excess paperwork and the negotiations with leaseholders who may want to purchase their ground rents from you? Is it worth the headache, especially with a small portfolio?

HOW MUCH IS YOUR GROUND RENT PORTFOLIO WORTH?For many people with small ground rent portfolios, the answer is “the administration outweighs the reward”.

For the sake of an investment that may be worth a few thousand pounds, the logistics surrounding managing a ground rent portfolio can outweigh their potential return. This is why many people are now taking advantage of specialist companies like us to buy their portfolios from them. We remove the burden of administration, and unlock this cash asset for you to invest in something more rewarding.

CASH4GROUNDRENTS ARE SPECIALISTS AT BUYING GROUND RENT PORTFOLIOS.We have been purchasing these types of investments for years and have a detailed understanding of the processes involved and an appreciation that not everyone wants the hassle of looking after the ground rents on a handful of properties. We can advise you on the logistics of selling your ground rent portfolio, including the legal requirements.

WE KNOW EXACTLY HOW MUCH YOUR GROUND RENT IS WORTH, AND WHAT IT TAKES TO MANAGE A PORTFOLIO.The law governing ground rents has changed in recent years. Before you can sell your portfolio, you are required to give your leaseholders ‘first refusal’ on buying the ground rent on their properties. This is known as a Section 5 notice, which means that leaseholders have two months to decide if they want to purchase the ground rent from you and then a further two months to nominate a purchaser. We can guide you through this complicated legal process.

OUR EXPERTS CAN GUIDE YOU THROUGH THE PROCESS EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.Notices must be legally correct, and that’s where we can help. If your leaseholders pass on the opportunity to purchase their ground rents, we can take the burden off your hands and give you the full cash value instantly.

SELLING YOUR GROUND RENT PORTFOLIO?A ground rent portfolio can be a great investment – a large return for very little initial outlay. But what happens when you decide to liquidate your assets and sell your portfolio? Who buys ground rent investments?

Specialist services and developers who only deal with ground rent investment opportunities are always looking to purchase both freehold blocks and single purchases. Sometimes their clients are planners looking to maximise their assets by selling ground rent portfolios at the planning stage. Often however, people have been left ground rent portfolios in wills or other legacies. These clients, although they may benefit long term from the portfolio, may not want the administrative headache of managing a portfolio of ground rent properties.

It takes a special kind of company to tackle these sorts of deals; a company that is aware of all the legal implications and problems of managing a ground rent portfolio. A company like us – Cash4GroundRents.

IF YOU WANT TO SELL ANY GROUND RENT ARRANGEMENT, SPEAK TO AN EXPERT BEFORE BEGINNING THE PROCESS.Any ground rent sale must be preceded by a consideration of any long-term leaseholders that have been served with a Section 5 notice of your intention to sell.

This gives them an opportunity to purchase the ground rents for their own properties at a price stated on the notice. If you don’t feel confident about tackling this situation on your own, then this logistical headache can be dealt with by a financial advisor, and your leaseholders have two months to respond and then a further two months to nominate a purchaser.

The law surrounding the sale of ground rents is a highly complex and specialised area, which is why selling to a company like Cash4GroundRents that specialises in ground rent portfolios can take the stress out of selling.

BY TALKING TO AN EXPERT, YOU CAN LIQUIDATE YOUR ASSETS QUICKLY, GIVING YOU A GREAT RETURN ON YOUR ORIGINAL INVESTMENT.For more information on how to sell ground rents, contact us directly and speak to one of our expert advisors. Alternatively, browse our website for further details on how you can make the most of your ground rents portfolio.

For more information on how to sell ground rents, contact us directly and speak to one of our expert advisors. Alternatively, browse our website for further details on how you can make the most of your ground rents portfolio.

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